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Chapter 1 - Summer

After another dialogue back in Azkaban, Marcus will be back in the headmaster’s office, where he now wants to abuse his power as the headmaster:

Click on the table and choose a topic for your executive order. However, he will be interrupted by Minerva, who tells him that as he is only temporary replacement, he doesn't have the power a permanent headmaster would have. Due to boredom, Marcus decides to look around, hoping to find something to alleviate his boredom.

Choose the right shelf and click on the letter addressed to Dumbledore. From his search of the office, Marcus learns that Dumbledore left for an unknown period of time to relax from the mortal coils he had to endure as the everlasting Headmaster of Hogwarts. An hour passes, and Marcus is now visited by Snape. We learn of the reasons for their conflict. Snape accuses Marcus of boning his own sister and all the consequences that followed.

Marcus denies that this ever happened and tries to look for something to exonerate him. At the same time, Marcus’s owl, Googlyeye, finally makes it to the office. With the owl at his disposal. Marcus then decides to summon Minerva, as he believes her to be the only person who wouldn’t lie to him about what happened with his sister, since he had a memory wipe. Click on the owl, choose Minerva’s portrait in the stamp window and send the letter by putting your seal on it. Just a few moments later, his owl will come back with an answer that Minerva will come at 10pm.

You now have to skip time using the clock. Press on the portrait on the clock. Or, right-click on the clock, to skip one hour at a time. Once it is 10pm, Minerva will arrive as she said. You need to open the door. Click on the door and choose the option to let the person in. Or, right-click on the door.

From talking with Minerva, Marcus finds out that most of Snape told him could be true. In fit of anger he kicks the wardrobe, resulting in a pouch with coins falling out, which he decides to use to drown his sorrows in alcohol. Marcus will now need to find himself a drinking companion and alcohol. Click on the wardrobe and drag the canvas to your inventory. Click on the table and confirm the purchase of “Assortie”

In order to remember about the purchase and delivery, Marcus puts a notice on the clock marking the time of arrival of the package. To skip time. Press on the marker on the clock and confirm skip. Then Marcus will just fall asleep and wake up at the table at 10:00, when the package arrives. Click on the door on the right side, where you will find a bedroom, confirm sleep until morning. Then Marcus will wake up at the table at 10:00.

Marcus will now be able to pick up the package. Click on it to confirm the pick up.

Now that Marcus has everything he needs, he will need to figure out just to do with the items in his inventory. Click on the fireplace to start it. Use on the lit up fireplace, alcohol and canvas, in any order. Marcus will now drink and enjoy his newly found company. Spending the evening in perpetual drinking, Marcus will wake up back in Azkaban. After having a short convo with Petrius, he will need to back into the pensieve. Click on the pensieve.

Chapter 2 - The Girls

You have a vision, as Lord, he is the headmaster of Hogwarts and demands Snape to send him all four of the previously met girls to serve in his harem. Scene ends with a duel.

Marcus sleeps at the table, and is found by Minerva, who tells him that it is already the 1st of September and proceeds to ask him to follow her. You have to choose the East Wing. Marcus will proceed to give a very rude speech about the school and students. During which he also learns that all the four girls, he met previously are prefects in their respective houses.

Minerva will drag Marcus back to the office and forbids him from going out ever again, or at least until Marcus apologises. Marcus decides to continue the path of self-destruction and drinks heavily. You need to close the curtain. Left-click, and choose “close." Or, one right-click on the curtain. You now need to open the wardrobe, drag alcohol to your inventory and then use it one bottle at a time on the table. During his lengthy binge, Marcus will be visited by the prefects. Marcus continues his drunken ways and manages to spoil his relationships even further.

When the alcohol finally runs out, Marcus will cut his leg on the shards of glass… he must tend to it. Open your inventory and drag the ether onto Marcus. Unsurprisingly, Marcus just drinks the ether. He is then visited by Snape and an argument ensues. We find out that all the items Marcus has used are a part of Dumbledore's personal collection. We also find out, why Marcus hates Snape: Marcus is convinced that Snape has seduced his mother. Snape denies this fervently. They get into a duel. Marcus fails miserably, Snape wins. Snape makes another remark about Marcus’s behaviour and leaves.

The sorting hat then falls on our defeated protagonist. As it wakes up, it has a conversation with Marcus. Marcus complains about his failings and Hat motivates our hero, by giving him a new perspective on the past events. Marcus swears to stop drinking and decides to become a better person. Once again, more shit falls on the head of our protagonist and he loses consciousness. We wake up back in Azkaban, where the Lord has another conversation with Petrius, after which he is sent back through the pensieve. Click on the pensieve.

Chapter 3 - The Statue

Another vision, Lord tells the prefects to prepare for the extremely long night as a part of his new harem. Marcus comes to his senses, slouched over on the floor. He hears Minerva entering the room, and her talking with the portrait, as well as the portrait trying to convince Minerva to pull a Bill Cosby on Marcus. Minerva almost agrees but is spooked by Marcus coming back to his senses.

We learn that after spending so much time with the drunken and perverted Marcus, the portrait is now a perfect image of the worst version of Marcus. And that Marcus was knocked out by a statue, that somehow fell out of the wardrobe (magic bitches!). You need to search the wardrobe and drag the statue to your inventory, and then use it on the table.

Marcus decides to keep his promise and become a better person. But the months-long binge took its toll on him. He fails miserably at doing anything, which encourages him to do something about it. You need to train all four of your characteristics at least once to solve the statue puzzle. You can do so by clicking on the table and doing the respective trainings. This will be expanded on by stats being meaningful in future versions. Do not waste your time raising your stats beyond 1 point.

When Marcus tries to solve the puzzle of the statue, he starts getting visits from the prefects. This time they bring papers and ask for his assistance in changing things about the IMVOIS codex. Still a bit hungover and being a bit dim with such complicated issues. He decides to be an asshole, Marcus sends them away, saying he is not yet prepared to deal with such things.

When all the puzzles are solved, Marcus completes one final check on the statue. You need to click the top circle on the statue puzzle which teaches you…nothing. But you can continue the story! Final inspection of the statue reveals something that would only make it into a crazy game like this, an exact copy of our protagonist’s mother’s vagina! Marcus is now forced to accept the fact that his mother might have been a tad more corrupt than he thought and it is unlikely that she was anything but a thot. Once again, he thinks to himself that he needs to change and strive for better.

As soon as, Marcus goes to sleep, he is visited by Snape, who wants to share a drink with him. This results in another lengthy dialogue during which both learn something new about their respective pasts. Marcus tells Snape that he wants to look into the Mirror of Erised to learn what it is he truly wants. Severus tells him that access to such a powerful artifact is limited to the proper staff of school. And the easiest way to attain such status is to become a professor, which is also a very hard thing to do, since you need to jump through numerous hoops of plot convenience and receive the support from pretty much everyone at school, which seems like an impossible task, since pretty much everyone at school hates Marcus.

There is currently no Mirror of the Erised… however, we have made pretty menus.

Marcus then proceeds to ask Snape, just how long will he remain at school, who conveniently, tells him that Tom told him that he isn’t coming back, and that Marcus will stay as a temp as long as they don’t find someone else who they can trust more. (Read - never, since putting time limits on gameplay is stupid.) Marcus with Snape’s help decides to come up with a new subject to teach, so he can become the professor in that subject and gain access to the mirror.

Again there is currently no Mirror of the Erised…

Chapter 4 - Be Suave

Act1 - Chapter 4 The following chapter has a fluid structure to it. You need to solve three major problems to advance the story: Get addresses of all four prefects. Solve their respective problems. Receive the support from them as prefects.

Wizard’s Health

Marcus will find himself in the office now, with shit to do. If he feels inclined he should browse the magazine content to find himself an introduction to the stats system. Here you will also see that you have Path abilities now in your journal. The first 2 are passive abilities which are unlocked by progress. Apologize to Professor Minerva McGonogall

Getting around the castle

You may find that to garner more details, you need better access to the school. But when you try to exit the office via the door, you meet your old friend - Nola Kori. After several attempts you realize that it’s not possible to get past her just yet. So you’ll have to come with another way of leaving the office. Try asking one of your colleagues.

Prefect’s Addresses

Marcus is baffled by the fact that he has no way to communicate or summon prefects. They won’t respond to official letters to their houses, and no one is giving him their personal addresses. The only clue he has - the papers left by the girls in their previous visits. Even more exposition you now have to go through, you need to read each paper at least once. Due to the bullshit content of the papers, Marcus runs into the problem of understanding them. He may want to ask someone for help, but who can he talk to? In order to get Snape’s help, you need to remove the mark “Official” from the letter, you can do so by clicking on it in the right upper corner of the letter. You must then offer alcohol before trying to address the issues of prefects.

When you acquire the appropriate assistance you will have items which you must use. How to use those items: Photo - apply to the table, after closing the curtains. Pills - use on the door to the bedroom after 22:00. Nuts - give them to the Phoenix. Powder - use on the lit fireplace. Using photograph on the table, get Marcus caught masturbating by Helena Ravenclaw. She will set a number of task for him. You will need to summon Helena again without “Official” seal and ask her for a photo. Then you will have to agree to “use” that photo. After that is done, Helena will tell you to return this photo to Daphne. You need to agree.

Trying to get some shut eye. while reading Luna’s papers will lead you into her dreams. Luna will promise to come in and bring more of her papers with her.

Falling asleep behind Susan’s papers will be interrupted by her Aunt. She will ask a certain favour from Marcus, give him a hint, and make sure that Susan will visit him some time soon.

Trying playing with Phoenix will result in tragedy. Hermione will come to your rescue. You will need to apologise to her while she is in your office.

Girls will visit you after their lessons (from 15 until 17) without summoning. You need to stretch the dialogue with them as long as possible. If you fail to get an address - repeat the procedure with the item, to get another shot at it.

Prefects’ Meeting After receiving their addresses, Marcus can now summon the prefects. However, they won’t help him, since they have their own problems which they are working on in a so-called “Perfects’ Meeting”. Here you will come across your second unlock of a passive ability, it requires no points. But you will want to. Talk to Minerva about the meetings. To complete this stage, you need every prefect to agree to help you. Summon any prefect and talk about getting the support of her house. Once you figure out that none of the girls want to help you, Marcus will decide to talk with his portrait. They will come up with three possible solutions to the predicament. Click on the portrait and in one of the categories choose the location of meetings.

Marcus needs to find out where meetings take place, and infiltrate one of such meetings. He has three ways to do so: get someone’s help, act from the shadows or earn trust. Getting someone’s help, requires you to talk with Amelia Bones and discuss the meetings with her. Following day, you need to talk with her again and get the required information. Acting from the shadows, send your portrait to spy on girls between 20 and 22, then you will need to check the information you get from him with one of the girls. To earn trust, you need to complete papers’ route with one of the girls and the repaired broom for 50 coins. You have to fly out between 22 and 23 in the direction to the house of the girl you want to earn trust with.

Once you find out about the location of the meetings, Marcus will need to find a way to learn what girls discuss during these meetings. Click on a portrait and talk about the topics of the meetings.

Once again, you have three ways to find out what’s going on You can summon Helena, talk with her about meetings and talk with her again the following day. For shadow route, talk with the Hat and ask him to talk with elves, check with the Hat the following day. And check the information you got with one of the girls next day, but it has to be a different girl from the one you talked before. You need a new broom. You will have to continue with the same girl you choose in the last stage. You need to fly toward the North Wing (tower next to the office) between 22 and 23 hours.

Marcus finds out that girls have problems with swimsuits. But he needs more information. Once again, three routes you can follow (there’s only one route, steal the swimsuits from the girls on their days.) Use the notes in the journal if you cannot remember whose day is what. There is also a video of this on the IW Youtube: Swimsuits Part 1 and 2. Support route, burn Phoenix, and steal Hermione’s swimsuit with magic (on a day of uniform swimsuit) while she is busy resurrecting the Phoenix. Shadow route, ask Minerva to join in on one of the meetings (on a day of uniform swimsuit). Again, you need to confirm the info with one of the girls. Earning trust, summon the girl you going for and choose the suit options in the clothes menu.

Hurray, you found out what the problem is. Talk with the Hat to find out what to do next. Click on the Hat and talk about your next steps.

Marcus need to complete the first step explained to him by the Hat. Use Hermione’s swimsuit on the Hat, you can get it by stealing when visiting Gryffindor dorms with Minerva on Monday or By stealing them from her bag, when she resurrects the Phoenix. You also need to steal the swimsuits of the other girls and give them to the Hat, so he knows their sizes.

Now you need to complete the second step. During the lunch break, go with Minerva to dorms of three prefects (Susan, Luna and Daphne) and steal their favourite swimsuits. To do so, go to Daphne’s dorm on Tuesday, Luna - on Thursday and Susan - on Saturday. After you get their swimsuits, talk with the Hat and get the relevant swimsuits for them, then put them in their dorms on Sunday. You need to do it all in a course of one week, or you will need to start the whole process again.

After this nightmare is done, he needs to check on the results in one of these ways. Find Filch, talk with him and check with the final girl. If you chose the trust route, summon the chosen girl and talk with her.

Finding out about his failure, Marcus can discuss the problem with the hat once more. Summon Snape without the “Official” seal and have a drink with him.

Dialogue with Snape will reveal a few things and give Marcus and idea.

Marcus needs to discuss his idea with the girls. Summon each prefect and talk about your idea.

School Problems Marcus by himself cannot understand what motivates the girls. He needs to talk with his portrait. Talk with Sally on serious topics.

Sally will tell you to figure it out on your own or get help from someone who knows girls well. You can study papers for the Hat Or Get him the panties of every girl if you have completed the meetings branch.

To study papers, Marcus will need to look for a codex in Dumbledore’s office, so he can check the rules, for each girl You need to read three pages of the Codex for each girl Hermione - 89, 567, 1234. Daphne - 64, 256, 1024. Susan - 88, 555, 2222. Luna - 27, 243, 2187. Alternatively, if it is 10 in the morning, you can choose to go through the rulebook, that will cause you to go through the needed pages, without actually reading them. After receiving the information from papers and codex, Marcus can ask Hat to help him. Talk with him about every girl, you have information on Finding out about girls’ true motivations, Marcus now need to convince them how their current ways are wrong way to achieve what they want. Talk with every girl about papers Failing to convince anyone, Marcus now should talk with Snape to figure out what to do next. Relaxing with Snape. talk with him about introducing a new position. Snape has his doubt, you need to talk with him some more. Explain the benefits of new position and that girls are ready to leave their current positions. Marcus and Snape decide to create the new position. Marcus can now talk with girls about solving their problems through the new position. Talk with girls about the position through the dialogues about papers. After all that has been done, you can write to the Council about new position. Almost there Once you tell a girl about new position and rules, you can ask for her help again. Summon each girl and talk about getting help from her. You may have to summon Hermione two times to talk about the new position vs the 1 time that you talk to everyone else. Just remember, you will need to skip forward in time to have the girls auto summon about the new position and talk to Snape each time after you have talked to all of them and finally gained house support. At which point, AGAIN you have to forward time to get a second auto summon for EACH girl.

Once chapter 4 is complete, you will see the pensieve smoking, click it to continue to the next chapter.

Chapter 5 - A New Leaf

(This walkthrough assumes you are starting a new game from Chapter 5 and selected Hermione as your waifu. It is highly recommended that you check “Show marks in the letter” and “System cursor” in the options menu.)

Yellow text - nudity occurs

Green text - achievements


A scene in Azkaban followed by a flashback where Helena Ravenclaw flashes her tits. Kindling joke #1, many more to come. The snitch will fly in, nothing can be done until a quidditch glove is purchased. Sonya will pop up with message saying “You learned something new!” These pop-ups can be disabled by selecting the Customize button.

Discuss commissar duties with girls

Summon each girl during the week

Attempt to leave the office

Train Intellect to level 3

Click on Bookshelf > “Shelf with magazines” > “Wizards health” > Train intellect once

Click on Bookshelf > “Bookshelf” > “Rummage through the bookshelf” > (every day before training Intellect)

Leave the office > “Open Sesame!” > Answers to riddles: river, shadow, promise, fire, secret

Summon each girl during the weekend

Leave the office and go to the main tower (middle of the map) at 10:00 or 14:00 and look for the main girls and speak to them (they are not always present, Hermione appears to require intellect of 4)

Summon the girls informally (Hermione, Susan and Luna will visit on Saturday and have a drink with Marcus, Luna will appear during the week and show off the shorter skirt)

Summon Snape informally > “About these commissars”

Summon girls unofficially > “About commissar duties” > They will show off shorter skirts

Summon Snape informally > “The commissars never listen...”

Click on Desk > “Write letter to the council” > Letter will show up a day later

Summon Snape informally > “Ministry follow up”

Speak to Sally (portrait) > “A touch choice…”

Light Path: Dear Diary...

Train Perception to level 4

Close the window in the office > Light the fireplace

Goto Ravenclaw dorm room on a weekend > speak with Flitwick’s protrait

Summon McGonagall informally > “The money question” > “Accept”

Complete intro of Baker’s delight or Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve

Next day a letter from the council should arrive on the owl > Tutor achievement

Summon McGonagall informally > “About girls diaries”

Goto each dorm room and search in the cabinents > Speak to Sally > “That damn diary”

Summon each girl > “More tampering with clothing” or “Checking for jinxes” > Drag diary from inventory onto desk

Summon each girl > “Take a seat and relax” > Need legilimency skill as well as level 5 in the respective stat for each girl (Daphne - Brutality, Hermione - Intellect, Luna - Perception,Susan - Control) or use the influence skill (1 week cooldown after use) to proceed

Train skills to acquire enough points to purchase legilimency stat > Requires both influence and x-ray level 1 to be purchased first

Legilimency mechanics

A thought bubble will pop up that acts like the wheels on a slot machine. You need to stop on the most frequently appearing object in the cycle. The frequency of that object increases proportional to how high your perception stat is. You will need to drag the respective girls diary from inventory onto the desk and type in the name of the object. The correct entries are shown below.

After unlocking all of the diaries > Knowledge is Power achievement

Summon Susan informally > close the window and light the fire > “Let’s have a drink… (Bonus) > Admire the nips

Summon Luna informally > close the window and light the fire > “Let’s have a drink… (Bonus) > Admire the titty drop

Summon Daphne informally > close the window and light the fire > “Let’s have a drink… (Bonus) > Admire the abs

Summon Hermione informally > close the window and light the fire > “Let’s have a drink… (Bonus) > Admire the cleavage... I guess…. FUCK THIS GAME THERE IS NO DP OR ATM!!!

Dark Path:

Work in Progress

Find a way to break IMVOIS

(After completing the light path or the dark path)

Train perception to level 6 > train intellect to level 5 > enter the office bedroom and solve the puzzle > Open and Shut Case achievement

Drag the Elder Wand from inventory onto the desk

Solving the bedroom puzzle


Clicking on the mirror in the background will give you a hint about the puzzle.

The drawers and doors have numbers, Marcus will tell you this…

Start at the marked door/drawer: X = Closed : O = Opened


IMPORTANT: Even though all the drawers start closed, you must click each one in order from where the code is carved on the furniture and either open or close the drawers/doors in order

Some examples courtesy of pasol4




Look into Helena Ravenclaw

Summon Snape informally > “About Helena…”

Summon McGonagall informally > “About Helena…”

Light the fire in the office > Drag floo powder into fire > “Helena inquiry” > Receive “Old Newspapers” next day >

Train intellect to level 6 > Drag “Old Newspapers” onto desk

Speak with Merlin’s portrait (first hallway on the ceiling) > Drag “Photo of some girl” onto Merlin

Wait until the next day > Speak with Merlin’s portrait > Wait until the next day again > Speak with Merlin’s portrait >

Speak with Andromeda’s portrait (Second hallway on the left)

Speak with Sally > “About Andromeda” > Wait until the next day > “So did you get it…” > Speak with Andromeda’s portrait

Summon Helena informally > “Let's make a deal” > Drag diadem onto Marcus > Wait until next day

Speak with Sally > “So about the diadem...”

Summon Hermione officially > “Assistance with some research” > Wait a day

Summon Hermione officially > “What did you find about the diadem?”

Train control to level 10 > Put on the diadem > This allows you to advance to Act II

Choose the girl you’d like to see a little more off

Apple of Discord

Summon Daphne officially > “Swimsuit” > “Insist” > “Peek” you won’t be able to yet regardless of stat > “Take a step back” > Wait a day

Summon Daphne officially > “I need your… assistance...” > “Right now” requires brutality level 2 > “Peek” requires brutality level 3 > “Tease” > “Sniff” because you know you wanted to...

Summon Daphne officially > “Swimsuit” > “Insist” > “Peek” requires brutality level 6 to fully complete > Admire dat ass

You will need to repeat this on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one other day to see all 5 swimsuits. Peeking is not required each time. After wearing all 5 swimsuits summon once more and she will refuse to wear it

Speak with Sally > “I need to buy some underwear”

Visit Slytherin dorm > Speak with Salazar’s portrait > Click on nightstand drawer

Click on desk > Package icon > Huntress > Buy 4 of each item when you have the money > Wait a day

Summon Daphne officially and attach one of the items (repeat with both items)

The above will need to be repeated for each girl. You waifu will let you pick which swimsuit to try on.

Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve (Ginny Quest)

Leave the office > Visit the abandoned tower > Click on door > “Ask about a glove” > Purchase for 201 galleons

Wait until the next day to receive the catcher’s mitt > Click on the snitch one it comes in (leave your mouse about two thirds of the way up the screen in the center)

Ginny will visit to look for the snitch > “Heckle”

Summon McGonogall informally > “About Miss Weasley”

Ginny will visit to look for the snitch > “Offer Assistance”

Close the window > Summon Ginny officially > “Release the snitch” > “Hard Difficulty” (leave your mouse about two thirds of the way up the screen in the center, click alot) > Quick Hands achievement

Ginny will visit > “Let me hear it”

Summon McGonogall informally > “Assistance with Ginny” > She will refuse to help

Summon McGonogall informally > “Assistance with Ginny”

Summon McGonogall informally > “Assistance with Ginny”

Visit Gryffindor dorm during 11:00 on a weekday > Click on the teddy bear

Go back to the office > Drag Ginny’s diary from inventory onto Marcus

Summon Snape unofficially > “Ask about charms”

Train perception to level 4 > Visit Ravenclaw dorm on a weekend > Click on Flitwick’s portrait (top right corner of screen)

Summon Ginny informally > Watch the thought bubble and look for the item that is not greyed out. This may require training perception to level 6 to do successfully. The answer choices are Snitch, Dildo, Quaffle, Broom, Wand or Book

Visit Gryffindor dorm room at 11:00 during a weekday > Drag diary from inventory onto the bear Summon Ginny informally > You either need to train brutality to level 5 or use influence when she walks in to proceed.

Click on desk > Order “Flying Faun” from Boni Bonka (see Buying gifts if you don’t have it) Summon Ginny informally > Attach the Flying Faun as a gift > You either need to train brutality to level 5 or use influence when she walks in to proceed.

Summon Ginny informally (she won’t show up until Wednesday)

Leave the office at 11:00 on a weekday > Drag the Cather’s Mitt from inventory to the portrait of a quidditch player

Summon Ginny informally > Attach the Catcher’s Mitt as a gift


A game of wits

Train intellect to level 4

Summon Hermione officially > “A game of wits” > “Why not?” > “Easy difficulty”

You will have to solve a 3x3 sliding puzzle. Repeat the activity two more times. You will then move onto higher difficulties which split the puzzle into more pieces. The difficulty can be reduced by training intellect to level 5 or 6.

Then watch the following video for instruction on how to solve a sliding puzzle

Baker’s delight: intro

Leave the office > Goto Abandoned Wing > Talk to Fitch

Light the fire in the office > drag floo powder into fire > “Susan’s surprise” Summon Susan informally > “Surprise” > She will leave and come back later

When Susan returns > “Definitely!” > “Put it in my mouth” > See answer key below > Admire the nipslip

Answer key:

“Hmm,sour barely noticeable... mostly sweet” > Strawberry

“Hmm, very sweet and yet smooth” > Huckleberry

“Hmm, sweet with a bit of barely noticeable tartness”> Cherry

“Hmm, quite tart but the sweetness of the cake has masked it” > Raspberry

Light the fire in the office > drag floo powder into fire > “More sweets” > Susan visits > repeat the process until Amelia tells you no

Summon Susan officially > “Baker’s delight” > This Baker’s delight

Summon Susan officially > “Baker’s delight” > She will return at a later time and ask you a question about one of the cakes, see the corresponding answers below

Summon Susan officially > “Baker’s delight” > She will decline to proceed

Complete Buy Gifts section > Click on desk > Buy “Cherry Chocolate Cake” from Boni Bonka > Wait until the next day when it arrives

Summon Susan informally and attached the cake as a gift > See answers below

Summon Susan officially > Baker’s delight” > See answers below

Summon Susan officially > “Baker’s delight” > She will decline to proceed

Keep leaving the office at 10 and 14 until you see her sitting below Merlin’s portrait > talk to her

Summon Susan officially > Baker’s delight” > See answers below

Summon Susan officially > Baker’s delight (bonus)” > Admire the treats > Taste tester achievement

Baker’s delight answers

A game of chance

Complete "Discuss commissar duties with Daphne" and "Summon Daphne unofficially on Saturday"

Summon Daphne officially > "A game of chance" > See answers below

After guessing these correctly, she will start to show multiple emotions to throw you off. Select "Burnished" as your guess. She will accuse you of cheating and leave. This will open up a new round of guessing that includes the old combinations as well as new ones. A star will now appear by the correct choice if you have previously guessed it correctly. Periodically she will attempt to throw you off until you have guessed "Burnished" correctly 3 times. There is an element of randomness to what she will be wearing and you just have to keep repeating the game until you get through all of the choices correctly. Admire the ringed nipples

Sweet dreams

Complete "Discuss commissar duties with Luna" and "Summon Luna unofficially on Saturday"

Summon Snape unofficially > "Drink some wine" > "About those pills"

Drag the sleeping pills onto Markus at night time > See the answers below > This process will need to be completed 3 times on weekdays and 6 times on weekends to complete the quest. Admire the grool

  • "What did you want me to get from the council?" - Signatures.
  • "What did you ask us about in the class?" - About us
  • "What house did you seem to confuse Ravenclaw with?" - Slytherin.
  • "What job would I like to do for the newspapers agency?" - Editor
  • "What is my opinion about male doctors?" - They are awful.
  • "What part of the IMVOIS bothers me?" - Disclosure rules
  • "How many points did I try to give Ravenclaw when we met in the class?" - 10.
  • "What rude thing did you want me to do when you were drunk?" - Count portraits in the hallway
  • "What do I think of secrets?" - I love them.
  • "What would I like to do about IMVOIS violations?" - Report publicly
  • "What happens to the witnesses of IMVOIS violations?" - They are interrogated using legilimency.
  • "What do I want to change in Hogwarts?" - Detection spells
  • "What page from the IMVOIS covers violation disclosure?" - 27. ; 243 ; 2187.
  • "What is one of the categories of intimate secrets in the IMVOIS?" - Public affection
  • "What technique is used to demonstrate that you are in a relationship with someone in Hogwarts?" - Marks on wand.
  • "What do I like about my swimsuit?" - It's pretty
  • "When we arrived back at my house that night, what was the answer to the door's quiz?" - Needle.
  • "What day is my swimsuit on?" - Wednesday


Buying gifts

Summon Snape informally > “Alternative exit”

Drag apparition potion onto Marcus > Goto Courtyard > Click on Bulletin Board > Click on Boni Bonka

Time Turner (need Perception level 4)

Perception level 4 is required.

Summon McGonagall informally > “About a time turner”

Summon Snape informally > “Alternative exit”

Drag apparition potion onto Marcus > Goto Courtyard > Click on shiny object on the dirt

Time Turner mechanics

Click on the clock, the GUI is located in the upper left. Select which skill to focus on and then click on the hour glass and it will forward your to Friday of that week. It increases the associated skill by about 2 levels and the others by one level depending on what day of the week you stated from. As of version 0.5.1 You will gain more levels by just training the skill manually throughout the week. There is a 7 day cooldown after using the time turner.

Mermaid’s treasure

Leave office during the morning > Click on town > Click on bubbles > “I am not from here” > “Naturalist” > “Dive in” x2 (repeat this ten times) > Nearly Neanderthal achievement > “Ask for shells” > “I am only interested in these shells” > “I want the shells” > “Lie” > “Make a deal” > “Negotiate” > She sell sea shells by the seashore achievement

Summon Snape informally > “Look what I found”

Summon McGonagall officially and attach the seashell as a gift > “I have something for you…” > “Relaxed” > “Give the shells” (requires 5 brutality) > Wait until the next day

Summon McGonagall officially > “About your experiments” (repeat x3) > Admire old boobs

Fixing the lock

The combo to the door lock will appear to be etched into your desk once your perception is higher than 10. It is etched just above the left drawer. Additionally, if you proceed through Ginny’s questline, it will appear on her desk. Enter the combo into the door > Brute force achievement

Check on the horny portrait

Leave office during the morning > Click Violetta’s portrait (first hallway on the left) requires brutality level 5

Additional Daphne Scenes

Purchase “Fleur de Oplus” and “Whimsy Witch’s Water” from Boni Bonka catalogue

Summon Daphne officially and attach one of the gifts. She will give you back the bathwater, quickly drag it from inventory onto her > Make them Wet achievement > “Peek” > Admire dem tittays


Click on the pensieve > Click on the bookmark to get back to Azkaban> Back to Reality achievement

Click on Xandria > "And what if I say, you are more likely to undress than me"