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The game starts in the Azkaban. You are introduced to Lord Rattlesnake who has been visited by the Minister for Magic, Pervius Petrius, who is supposedly an old friend of the Lord. He is accompanied by an auror – Xandria. He then proceeds to ask questions about the Lord’s past, which the Lord doesn’t want to answer. Here he uses his memory wipe as an excuse…

The first action that needs to be taken is putting some clothes on the Lord. Clothes hide the informant-snake. You have to make sure the snake gets away unnoticed: talk to Xandria and prove your masculinity!

During the commotion (Xandria gasps, Lord laughing, Petrius, hating the whole situation), the snake then escapes. After that, you will be able to interact with your surroundings. You should now pick up your clothes and put them on.

The dialogue will continues, Xandria will move toward the door ensuring you cannot escape. Petrius will bring out the pensieve in order for you to relive your memories. Click on the pensieve after the dialogue ends.

When the Lord is back in his memories, he is him former self - Marcus Redblack, who has just disembarked the train and on his way to Hogwarts. However, before he can arrive, you must send notice of your arrival and go to Hogsmeade.

The scene changes. You will now observe an exposition dialogue between Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, you learn that Marcus has arrived at Hogwarts to take the position of head nurse after the unfortunate death of Madam Pomfrey. At the same time, Dumbledore is planning to leave school for an unknown period, due to some magical disease.

The next morning, Marcus decides to wander around Hogwarts, despite not being invited to do so by anyone. You must pick up the panties hanging off the broomstick on the rock. But before he manages to get inside, he is intercepted by Rubeus Hagrid, who Marcus isn’t happy to see. Hagrid won’t allow Marcus to wander around by himself, so you need to distract him somehow. Give him the panties you have picked up from the broomstick stuck in the rock.

Another exposition dialogue between Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall occurs. Dumbledore leaves her the instructions for his absence and the arrival of Marcus and his own replacement - Marcus’s father, Tom Riddle. Though the latter one is nowhere to be seen, so the Ministry will have to send a temporary replacement.

Marcus will cross the bridge and approach the school gates. But will once again be stopped, now by a senior student, Nola Corey, who believes him to be a transfer student. She demands him to prove he is a student or prove that his is indeed a staff member by showing his authority within the school by interrupting the kissing couple. However, since Marcus doesn’t work at the school yet, the couple doesn’t listen to him. Marcus learns that girl has a weird affinity for the owls, ultimately coming up with the solution to his problem by using his owl on the notice board. You can also try using the owl on the couple, however that will lead to failure (or not work at all). However, this problem requires two solutions: you must now figure out what to do next, as the couple will continue with their immoral ways. You now have to command your owl to get to work. Suddenly the couple is horrified and will disperse, Nola will now let Marcus in. But before he gets inside, she will ask him who he truly is? Here your dialogue choices will impact achievements.

Onto the next dialogue scene: Severus is talking with Minerva. Severus is annoyed by the need to deal with finding a temporary replacement, Marcus’s arrival more so, since he will be a new head nurse. Minerva proposes a scheme: use Marcus as a temporary replacement for the headmaster, find a new head nurse and get rid of Marcus completely once Tom Riddle arrives. Both agree to the proposed scheme. Marcus, finally, enters the castle. And, (if he wants to), can now check the houses of Hogwarts. At any point you can go back to Hogsmeade and skip the rest of the day, or just look around, there might be hidden content!

If you want to check the houses, you will run into the problem, since Marcus doesn’t know the passwords for the doors, to find clues. You need to go back to the entrance and check the notice board. On the notice board you should find all four clues. After finding all the clues, Marcus can now go and check the Houses of Hogwarts. After a short run at trying to figure out the password, Marcus will run into the students. However, he will both fail to introduce himself and get into the house quarters. Failing with every single house, he will return to Hogsmeade.

In parallel to these events, all students Marcus encountered leaving their house quarters, will visit Dumbledore and demand certain changes to the existing school rules. Knowing that he won’t have to deal will all this crap next year, Dumbledore manages to persuade them to return with these problems at the start of the next student year.

The following morning, Marcus will receive a letter, inviting him to talk to Dumbledore. You now have to visit Dumbledore in his tower by clicking on it on the map. Once you arrive, Marcus will have a long dialogue with Dumbledore with exposition about the current school affairs, Marcus’s future position as a nurse and some other random bits. Marcus will leave with the plan to get keys to his new office and the official papers from Minerva the following day.

The next morning, Marcus will go back to Headmaster’s office, but on the way there he will be entranced by the thought of continuing his private medical practice. You will now have an option of putting an advert for his private practice on the entrance board, before returning to the Headmaster’s office.

Finally, when he arrives, Marcus learns that he will now be a temporary headmaster and that he will never be a nurse in this school. In the end of heated exchange, Petrius will invade Marcus’s conciseness and tell him to come back to reality:You can to do so by clicking on pensieve.