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  • curprev 08:12, 22 December 2021Wikiadmin talk contribs 4,865 bytes +4,865 Created page with "{{rus|Достижения}} {|width="1200px" style="margin: 0 auto" |width="150px"|150px|link= {{ach2|Knowledge<br/> is Power}} |width="450px" style="padding: 20px"|Act 1 Chapter 5. Decrypt all 4 prefects' diaries. |width="150px"|150px|link= {{ach1|Hello Hello!}} |width="450px" style="padding: 20px"|Prologue, click 2 times on Harry sitting on the roof of the front entrance. |- |colspan="4"|<br/> |- |file:potterseed.png|1..."