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Office Interface




The following items can be right clicked to save time/effort:

  • Door into the office - two possible scenarios
    • If someone is at the door (the middle will be green) then they automatically enter
    • If no one is at the door then you will advance to the map screen
  • Door to the bedroom - goto sleep for the rest of the day/night
  • Clock - advances time forward one hour
  • Fireplace - lights the fire
  • Curtains - opens or closes them
  • Window - opens or closes it
  • Pensieve - performs a quick save

Journal Interface


Your objectives will be displayed in the Journal, on the appropriate tab. Following these is key to progression in the game, unless you prefer reading the text which should provide adequate information to progress without using the objectives.


Here you will find notes, these are temporary notes that will change with progression. They provide supplemental information for parts of the game that are not as refined as they should be.


The left stats page contains information on what your current level is for each stat. On the right page you will find abilities which require investment points. 1 investment point is earned per stat level gain.
Each of the stats has a direct link to progression with each girl:
Daphne is Brutality
Hermione is Intellect
Susan is Control
Luna is Perception
The names of the stats also explain how they may impact the game, for example, Flitwick will not appear in his frame until you have a certain level of perception.

As you spend investment points, you will get abilities that have self explanatory descriptions, such as X-Ray. To use, you should click the ability button when they arrive at the door. These all have a week cool down.



This is a list of all unlocked scenes, should you be a Patron, we provide a persistent data file which unlocks these all for you.

Desk Interface


Map Interface

Map interface marked.png

The map can be used to travel to the following locations within and around Hogwarts

  1. Headmaster's Office
  2. Main Corridor
  3. Front Entrance
  4. Hogsmeade Station
  5. Abandoned Wing
  6. Gryffindor Wing
  7. Ravenclaw Wing
  8. Slytherin Wing
  9. Hufflepuff Wing

Clock and Calendar Interface

Clock interface.png