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The Statue

Requirements: Level 1 of all stats.
Start: Drag the statue from the cupboard on the desk.
Description: This minigame is an analogue of the game "plumbing" with one difference - you need to connect all the available parts, not just draw a line from beginning to end.
Finish: For successful completion you need to assemble all 4 sectors of the puzzle and inspect it.


Snape’s Drinking Game

  • Easy Mode: - Snape just tells desired recipe.
  • Normal Mode: - Recipe need to be guessed by Snape's abstract hint phrase.
  • Hard Mode: - Recipe need to be guessed by the items on the table.

Marauder's Melon Mix
"tastes like a fruity woman's drink"

Melon Liquor
Jonnie Flyer Triplesec
Marauder's melon mix2.png
Marauder's melon mix2.png

Old Fashioned
"tastes nostalgic"

Rebel Revelry Whiskey
Simply syrup
Old fashioned2.png
Old fashioned2.png

Buttery Nipple
"tastes like a buttery and rich drink"

Butterscotch Schnapps
Vodka, Irish cream
Coffee Liquor

"tastes non-magical and sour"

Sweet and Sour
Jonnie Flyer Triplesec

"tastes sophisticated"


Dragon's Blood Brew
"tastes like fire down my throat"

Jonnie Flyer Triplesec
Cherry Syrup
Dragon's blood brew2.png
Dragon's blood brew2.png

Witch Slap
"tastes like a slap in the face"

Sweet and Sour
Heaven's 18
Crablaw Rum
Witch slap2.png
Witch slap2.png

Merlin's Milk
"tastes milky"

Rebel Revelry
Irish cream
Merlin's milk2.png
Merlin's milk2.png

White Durmstrang
"tastes strong and makes my face go pale"

Coffee Liquor
Irish cream
White durmstrang2.png
White durmstrang2.png

Blogger Bomber
"forget the taste. bombs away!"

Coffee Liquor
Irish cream
Jonnie Flyer Triplesec
Blogger bomber2.png
Blogger bomber2.png

Magical Mule
"tastes like it's meant to kick the week away"

Sweet and Sour
Rebel Revelry Whiskey
Ginger Beer
Magical mule2.png
Magical mule2.png

Bitter Witch
"tastes bitter and potent"

Heaven's 18
Jonnie Flyer Triplesec
Bitter witch2.png
Bitter witch2.png

Blood and Broom
"tastes well aged"

Horny brandy
Skyland Scotch
Jonnie Flyer Triplesec
Blood and broom2.png
Blood and broom2.png

Dark Daisy
"tastes like a flower"

Sweet and Sour
Horny brandy
Jonnie Flyer Triplesec
Crablaw Rum
Dark daisy2.png
Dark daisy2.png

"taste doesn't matter, as long as i can chug it"

Jonnie Flyer Triplesec

Cherry Chaser
"tastes like cherries"

Cherry Schnapps
Cherry Blues
Cherry Syrup
Cherry chaser2.png
Cherry chaser2.png

Witch Gone Wild
"tastes like something wild"

Rebel Revelry Whiskey
Ginger beer
Apple wine
Witch gone wild2.png
Witch gone wild2.png

"Quest drink. marked in the recipe book"

Heaven's 18
Irish cream

A Game of Wits

Requirements: "Intellect" stat on level 4 or higher.

Start: Summon Hermione Officially and choose option "A Game of Wits".

Description: The minigame is a "fifteens" game in which the player needs to put together an image from several fragments in the allotted time. The number of fragments into which the original image is divided depends on the selected difficulty level. In case of successful completion of the task, Hermione will take off part of her clothes.

minigame has 3 stages:

"Easy" - image is divided into 8 fragments.

"Normal" - image is divided into 24 fragments.

"Hard" - image is divided into 48 fragments.

Each stage includes 3 substages. To access a higher one, you must go through all the substages in the previous stage. The time it takes to fold the image increases on each next stage.

After choosing the stage player can also choose the difficulty according to the level of "intellect" stat:

"Keep trying!" - This option gives default amount of fragments and time.

"Focus!" - "intellect" level 5 is required. This option reduces the amount of fragments to 8 on "normal" stage, and to 24 on "hard" stage.

"Focus even more!" - "intellect" level 6 is required. This option unlocks "cheat" button for instant victory. Reduces the amount of fragments to 16 on "normal" stage, and to 33 on "hard" stage.

Finish: For successful completion you need to finish all stages and substages.

A Game of Chance

Requirements: No.

Start: Summon Daphne officially and choose option "A Game of Chance".

Description: The essence of this minigame is to guess the color of Daphne's underwear by her facial expression. There are 10 common sets of underwear, and 1 special. Each set has a unique facial expression, except purple and rose, they have the same facial expression.
For a single special set (Burnished) Daphne either expresses 2 random emotions or doesn't express anything. If you got a special set, Daphne will refuse to show it and leave. To see it, you need to guess it correctly 3 times and Daphne will finally show it. You have a time to examine Daphne's face, then you can choose - look more or give an answer. A choice of 5 colors is provided for the answer. If the answer is correct, Daphne will undress and show you her underwear. If the answer is incorrect, you will have a second chance to examine Daphne's face and give a different answer. If even after the second attempt you give the wrong answer, Daphne leaves contented and dressed.

Finish: For successful completion you need to see all 11 underwear sets.


Purple or rose.png
Purple or Rose
Hot pink.png
Hot Pink

Sweet Dreams

Requirements: Time from 10pm to 2am.

Start: Summon Snape unofficially and ask him for pills, then drag it on bedroom door.

Description: You need to answer Luna's questions about plot of the game. For correct answers Luna will remove some of her clothes. On workdays Luna asks 2 questions. On the first weekend - 2 questions. On the following weekend, after 3 successful attempts, Luna will ask 3 questions.

Finish: For successful completion you need to give 3 correct answers on workdays and 6 answers on weekend.


  • What did you want me to get from the council? - Signatures
  • What did you ask us about in the class? - About us
  • What house did you seem to confuse Ravenclaw with? - Slytherin
  • What job would I like to do for the newspapers agency? - Editor
  • What is my opinion about male doctors? - They are awful
  • What part of the IMVOIS bothers me? - Disclosure rules
  • How many points did I try to give Ravenclaw when we met in the class? - 10
  • What rude thing did you want me to do when you were drunk? - Count portraits in the hallway
  • What do I think of secrets? - I love them
  • What would I like to do about IMVOIS violations? - Report publicly
  • What happens to the witnesses of IMVOIS violations? - They are interrogated using legilimency
  • What do I want to change in Hogwarts? - Detection spells
  • What page from the IMVOIS covers violation disclosure? - 27; 243; 2187
  • What is one of the categories of intimate secrets in the IMVOIS? - Public affection
  • What technique is used to demonstrate that you are in a relationship with someone in Hogwarts? - Marks on wand
  • What do I like about my swimsuit? - It's pretty
  • When we arrived back at my house that night, what was the answer to the door's quiz? - Needle
  • What day is my swimsuit on? - Wednesday

Baker’s Delight

Requirements: "perception" level 4 or higher.

Start: Talk with Amelia Bones about surprise for Susan. Then summon Susan officially and tell her about surprise.

Description: You need to answer Susan's questions about the main ingredient of her dessert, based on a description of the flavor and appearance of the dessert itself. For successful completing the minigame, Susan will gradually reveal her chest.

First Stage: The ingredient can be guessed from Markus' verbal description of the taste.

Ask Amelia to send sweets for Susan until she declines further assistance due to Susan's workload. Without Amelia's participation you need to summon Susan officially, play until she says that she will no longer bake due to additional activities with Flitwick.

Second Stage: The ingredient can be guessed by the appearance of the cake.

To convince Susan, order any food from Boni Bonka (for example covered apple or chip cookies) and send it to her unofficially. She comes and says that she is flattered by your attention, and asked Flitwick for a break to make you another cake. We continue to call Susan and guess the tastes until her apron accidentally unfastens and her chest is exposed. After that, she will become embarrassed and stop cooking for you.

Third Stage: The ingredient still can be guessed by the appearance of the cake.

To change her mind, you need to raise persception to 5, come to the main corridor on a workday at 14:00, meet her there and discuss the problem. after that, there will be no more difficulties with Susan, and it will be possible to bring the minigame to the end.

Finish: For successful completion you need to play the minigame until you get bonus scene.

Guide for the first stage:

  • Hmm, quite tart but the sweetness of the cake has masked it - Raspberrу
  • Hmm, sweet with a bit of barely noticeable tartness - Cherry
  • Hmm, very sweet and yet smooth - Huckleberry
  • Hmm, sour barely noticeable... mostly sweet - Strawberry

Guide for the second stage:

Cake1.png Strawberries Cake6.png Light chocolate cream

with bananas, pineapple and kiwis

Cake2.png Ice-cream Cake7.png Blueberries
Cake3.png Strawberries and cranberries Cake8.png Berries
Cake4.png Grapefruit Cake9.png Cherries
Cake5.png Gooseberry

Elder Wand Puzzle

Requirements: No.

Start: Come into office bedroom.

Description: This minigame is needed to get the elder wand that Dumbledore hid using a puzzle. When you enter the bedroom, you see a lot of drawers. One of them will be scratched with a sequence of x and zeros. Zero means "open", x means "close". To solve the puzzle, you need to open and close the drawers in this sequence, starting with the box on which you found the scratch. The numbering of the drawers can be found in the picture below. If you made a mistake or got lost, you need to leave the bedroom to reset your actions, and come back in. If to take the picture below as an example, then the order of actions will be: 7 - close, 1 - close, 2 - open, 3 - open, 4 - close.

Finish: For successful completion you need to get the elder wand.


This one... Or maybe that one?

Requirements: No.

Start: Summon Susan officially and discuss her sweets.

Description:This minigame is a "shell" game, during which the player needs to keep track of three fast-moving cups, and give an answer in which of them is the cake. For correct answers Susan will remove parts of clothing.

Finish: For successful completion you need to win 9 times.


Requirements: No.

Start: Summon Luna and discuss private tutoring.

Description: This minigame provides answers to exam questions related to the school curriculum. Successful finishing the minigame will unlock a bedroom scene with Luna.

Finish: For successful completion you need to give correct answers.


  • Which of the following is one of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp’s Law? - Money; Love; Food; Life; Knowledge
  • What spell is of the conjuration branch? - Incarcerous; Incendio; Aguamenti; Avis
  • Which of the following is a very powerful vanishing spell? - Evanesco Maximus
  • What advance conjurations are good for keeping a person in place, i.e. binding them? - Fulgari; Incarcerous; Orbis Incendio; Flagello
  • What effect does the Confundus charm have on your target? - Confusion
  • Through what manner must an object be hidden for Revilio to work? - Magical; Incantation; Spell; Charm; Transfiguration
  • What charm is unique per caster? - Expecto Patronum
  • What charm does the Hand of Glory cast? - Lumos; Sleeping
  • What curses are unforgivable or forbidden? - Crucio; Imperio; Avada Kedavra; Cruciatus; Curse; Killing Curse
  • What wand core is best suited for the dark arts? - Augurey Tail Feather; Basilisk Skin; Rougarou Hair; Dragon; Acromantuala
  • What book makes the reader start saying dirty limericks? - Sonets of a Sorcerer
  • What effect does looking at a basilisk have? - Petrification; Turn to stone

Wheel of fortune

Requirements: Advancing in private tutoring.

Start: Summon Hermione officially and choose "how are you doing?".

Description: The essence of the game is to guess the answers to Hermione's questions based on magic spells. minigame starts with choosing the level of difficulty, then the wheel of fortune begins to spin. The result of the rotation determines what action Hermione will perform if your answer is correct. If you lose, you will be forced to give 200 Galleons to Hermione. The game lasts until a "special action" occurs, which can only be triggered if Hermione is completely naked. You can also purchase a Spellbook from Filch for 1000 Galleons, which contains answers to questions, but you cannot look at it while playing.
Minigame includes 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Easy - 5 attempts in each round. The field is divided into sections for the ability to guess the answer by the number of letters. The ability to remove half of the incorrect answers is available 3 times per game. The ability to spin the wheel is available 5 times per game.
  • Normal - 3 attempts in each round. The field is not divided. The ability to remove half of the incorrect answers is available 2 times per game. The ability to spin the wheel is available 3 times per game.
  • Hard - 1 attempt in each round. The field is not divided. The ability to remove half of the incorrect answers is available 2 times per game. The ability to spin the wheel is available 3 times per game.


Special action.png
Special Action
If this item falls out, Hermione will take off 1 piece of clothing out of 3. When she is completely undressed, this item on the wheel is replaced with "special action"

Finish: For successful completion the task, you must play the game at least once, the result is not important. Then buy a spellbook from Filch for 1000 Galleons and read it. And then summon Hermione, play again and win.



  • Aberto - A spell used to open doors.
  • Accio - Summons an object towards the caster.
  • Age line - Prevents people above or below a certain age from access to a target.
  • Aguamenti - Produces a clean, drinkable jet of water from the wand tip.
  • Alarte ascendare - Shoots the target high into the air.
  • Alohomora - Unlocks doors and other objects.
  • Aparecium - Reveals secret messages written in invisible ink, or any other hidden markings.
  • Appare vestigium - Reveals traces of magic, including footprints and track marks.
  • Aqua eructo - This spell is used to create, and control, a jet of clear water from the tip of the wand.
  • Arania exumai - Drives away spiders.
  • Arresto momentum - Decreases the velocity of a moving target.
  • Ascendio - Lifts the caster high into the air.
  • Avenseguim - Turns an object into a tracking device.
  • Avis - Conjures a flock of birds from the tip of the wand.
  • Bluebell flames - Produces magical blue flames that can be held in a jar.
  • Bombarda - Provokes a small explosion.
  • Brackium emendo - If used correctly, it is claimed that this spell will heal broken bones.
  • Capacious extremis - Expands the internal dimensions of an object without affecting the external dimensions, enhancing its capacity, and rendering its contents lighter.
  • Carpe retractum - Produces a rope of light used to pull objects towards the caster, or, if the target is fixed in place, to pull the caster towards the target.
  • Caterwauling charm - Anyone entering the perimeter of this spell sets off a high-pitched shriek.
  • Cave inimicum - Produces a boundary that keeps the caster hidden from others.
  • Circumrota - Rotates objects.
  • Cistem aperio - Opens chests and boxes.
  • Colloportus - Locks doors and all things that can be locked.
  • Colovaria - Changes the target's colour.
  • Confundo - Causes the victim to become confused and befuddled.
  • Defodio - Allows the caster to dig and carve through the target.
  • Deletrius - Counter-charm to the Reverse Spell, vanishing the image of the last spell cast. It may also disintegrate other certain images.
  • Deprimo - Charm used to blast holes in the ground.
  • Depulso - Sends the target away from the caster. It is the counter-charm to the Summoning Charm.
  • Descendo - Causes objects to fall or move downwards.
  • Diffindo - Used to precisely cut or tear objects.
  • Diminuendo - Forces the target to shrink.
  • Dissendium - Used to open passages.
  • Disillusionment charm - Causes the target to blend seamlessly in with its surroundings, like a chameleon.
  • Duro - Turns an object to stone.
  • Engorgio - Causes the target to swell in physical size.
  • Erecto - Used to erect a tent or other upright structure.
  • Everte statum - Throws the victim backward, similarly to being thrown.
  • Expecto patronum - Conjures a spirit guardian of caster's positive emotions to defend against dark creatures. The guardian takes the form of an animal, unique to each person who casts it.
  • Expelliarmus - Forces whatever an opponent is holding to fly out of their hand.
  • Fianto duri - A defensive charm which, based on the etymology, strengthens shield spells, and perhaps objects in general, in a similar way to Duro.
  • Fidelius charm - An immensely complex charm used to hide secret information within the soul of the charm's recipient, who is called a Secret-Keeper. The information is irretrievable unless the Secret-Keeper willingly chooses to reveal it, and only the aforementioned person can do so.
  • Finestra - Shatters glass.
  • Finite incantatem - Spell. Terminates all spell effects in the vicinity of the caster.
  • Flagrate - Writes in midair with firey marks.
  • Fumos - Defensive smokescreen that hinders visibility.
  • Geminio - Duplicates the target.
  • Glacius - Freezes the target with icy-cold air.
  • Glisseo - Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten into a slide.
  • Harmonia nectere passus - Repairs a Vanishing Cabinet.
  • Herbivicus - Rapidly grows plants.
  • Homenum revelio - Reveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster.
  • Illegibilus - Makes writing impossible to read.
  • Immobulus - Immobilises and stops the actions of the target. It works both on living and inanimate things.
  • Imperturbable charm - Creates an invisible magical barrier on an object, such as a door. This barrier bounces objects off of it, and muffles sounds.
  • Impervius - Makes an object repel water and mist.
  • Incendio - Produces fire.
  • Inflatus - Inflates the target, filling it with air.
  • Lacarnum inflamari - Ignites cloaks.
  • Legilimens - Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim.
  • Locomotor - Allows a witch or wizard to levitate a target a few inches off of the ground and then move said object in any given direction.
  • Lumos - Illuminates the tip of the caster's wand, allowing the caster to see in the dark.
  • Lumos maxima - Produces a blinding flash of bright white light from the tip of the wand.
  • Lumos solem - Produce a blinding flash of sunlight.
  • Mobiliarbus - Levitates wooden objects a few inches off of the ground and moves them in any given direction.
  • Mobilicorpus - Levitates and moves bodies.
  • Molliare - Produces an invisible cushion over the target, is used primarily in the manufacturing of broomsticks.
  • Muffliato - Prevents others from hearing nearby conversations by filling peoples' ears with an unidentifiable buzzing.
  • Nox - Extinguishes wandlight. It the counter-charm for the Wand-Lighting Charm, Lumos.
  • Nebulus - Creates fog from the tip of the wand.
  • Oculus reparo - Mends eyeglasses.
  • Obliviate - Erases specific memories.
  • Papyrus reparo - Mends torn pieces of paper.
  • Partis temporus - Creates a temporary gap in the target.
  • Periculum - Produces a burst of red sparks.
  • Piertotum locomotor - Animates inanimate targets.
  • Portus - Turns an object into a portkey.
  • Prior incantato - Forces a wand to show an "echo" of the last spell it performed.
  • Protego - Creates invisible shield that reflects spells and blocks physical entities.
  • Protego horribilis - A powerful shield charm against dark magic.
  • Protego maxima - A powerful shield charm against dark magic. A stronger and bigger version of Protego, especially when combined with other wizards casting it at the same time.
  • Protego totalum - Protects an area for an extended period of time.
  • Quietus - Makes a target sound quieter. It is the counter-charm to the Amplifying Charm.
  • Reducio - Makes an object shrink in size. Its counter-charm is the Engorgement Charm.
  • Reverte - Returns objects to their original positions or states.
  • Rennervate - Awakens an unconscious victim. It is consequently the counter-charm to the Stunning Spell.
  • Reparo - Seamlessly repairs broken objects.
  • Repello muggletum - Keeps Muggles away from wizarding places by causing them to remember important meetings they missed and to cause the Muggles in question to forget what they were doing.
  • Repello inimicum - Disintegrates the persons entering this charm.
  • Revelio - Reveals secrets about a person or object.
  • Rictusempra - Tickles the target until they become weak with laughter.
  • Scourgify - Cleans objects.
  • Silencio - Makes something silent.
  • Skurge - Cleans up ectoplasm and frightens ghosts and other spirits.
  • Sonorous charm - This charm emits a magnified roar from the tip of the wand. This noise disrupts all in its path, and can even be used to harm opponents.
  • Sonorus - Makes the target sound louder. The counter-charm is the Quietening Charm, Quietus.
  • Specialis revelio - Reveals spells cast on objects or potions.
  • Spongify - Softens objects, making them rubbery and bouncy.
  • Stupefy - Stuns the target, rendering them unconscious.
  • Surgito - Counter-charm that can be used to remove enchantments.
  • Meteolojinx recanto - Causes weather effects caused by jinxes to cease.
  • Tergeo - Siphons liquid and cleans objects.
  • Salvio hexia - Protects against hexes.
  • Waddiwasi - Used to shoot small, soft masses of whatever the caster so desires at the target.
  • Wingardium leviosa - Makes objects fly, or levitate.

Dark Charm

  • Sternius - A hex that causes the victim to sneeze for a short period of time.
  • Protego diabolica - Conjures a protective ring of black fire around the caster that only affects their enemies.
  • Oscausi - Seals someone's mouth shut, making it appear it was never there.
  • Morsmordre - Conjures the Dark Mark, which is the sign of the Death Eaters.
  • Anteoculatia - Causes the target to grow antlers.


  • Lapifors - Transforms the target into a rabbit.
  • Multicorfors - A charm used to change the colour and style of one's clothing.
  • Piscifors - Transforms things into fish.
  • Reparifarge - Used to reverse incomplete transformations.
  • Tentaclifors - Transfigures the target's head into a tentacle.
  • Vermiculus - Transforms things into worms.
  • Crinus muto - Used to transfigure the colour and style of one's hair.
  • Draconifors - Transforms the target into a dragon.
  • Ducklifors - Transforms the target into a duck.
  • Entomorphis - This hex is used to transform the target into an insectoid for a short time.
  • Epoximise - Adheres one object to another, as if they had been glued together.
  • Evanesco - Vanishes the target.
  • Flintifors - Transforms objects into matchboxes.
  • Herbifors - This spell causes flowers to sprout from the victim.
  • Badgering - Turns things into badgers.
  • Avifors - Transforms the target into a bird.
  • Amato animo animato animagus - Spell used as part of the process of becoming an Animagus.


  • Entomorphis - This hex is used to transform the target into an insectoid for a short time.
  • Ducklifors - Transforms the target into a duck.
  • Tentaclifors - Transfigures the target's head into a tentacle.
  • Locomotor wibbly - Causes the victim's legs to collapse as if they were turned to jelly.
  • Melofors - Encases the victim's head in a pumpkin.
  • Levicorpus - Hoists people up into the air by their ankle.
  • Liberacorpus - The counter-jinx to Levicorpus.
  • Langlock - Sticks a victim's tongue to the roof of their mouth.
  • Impedimenta - Slows down or stops the target.
  • Flipendo - Knocks objects and creatures backwards.
  • Furnunculus - Covers the target in boils (or pimples).
  • Ebublio - Causes the victim to inflate and explode into hundreds of bubbles; it can only be cast if an ally is using Aqua Eructo on the victim simultaneously.
  • Cantis - Causes the victim to burst uncontrollably into song.
  • Ventus - Shoots a jet of strong spiraling wind from the tip of the wand.
  • Tarantallegra - Makes a target's legs spasm wildly out of control, making it appear as though they are dancing.
  • Relashio - Forces the target to release its grip on whatever it is holding.
  • Orbis - Sucks the target into the ground.
  • Oppugno - Causes targeted objects to attack a victim.


  • Titillando - Tickles and weakens the victim.
  • Redactum skullus - Shrinks the head of the target. It is the counter-spell to Engorgio Skullus.
  • Mutatio skullus - Mutates the victim's head, causing them to grows extra heads.
  • Hurling hex - Causes brooms to vibrate violently in the air and try to buck their rider off.
  • Engorgio skullus - Causes the victim's skull to swell disproportionately.
  • Densaugeo - This hex causes the victim's teeth to grow rapidly, but can also be used to restore lost teeth.
  • Colloshoo - Sticks the target's shoes to the ground.
  • Bedazzling hex - Allows the caster to disguise things.

Healing Spell

  • Ferula - Conjures up bandages and wraps them around a wound, splinting any broken bones.
  • Vulnera sanentur - Healing spell that slows blood flow, clears residue, and knits wounds. It is the counter-curse to Sectumsempra.
  • Reparifors - Reverts minor magically-induced ailments, such as paralysis and poisoning.
  • Episkey - Used to heal relatively minor injuries, such as broken bones and cartilage.
  • Anapneo - Clears the target's airway if they are choking on something.


  • Serpensortia - Conjures a serpent from the caster's wand.
  • Orchideous - Conjures a bouquet of flowers.
  • Obscuro - Blindfolds the target.
  • Incendio - Produces fire.
  • Incarcerous - Ties up the target with ropes conjured from thin air.
  • Ferula - Conjures up bandages and wraps them around a wound, splinting any broken bones.
  • Avis - Conjures a flock of birds from the tip of the wand.
  • Aguamenti - Produces a clean, drinkable jet of water from the wand tip.


  • Expulso - Provokes an explosion, unique in that it uses pressure to do so as opposed to heat.
  • Crucio - Inflicts intense pain on the recipient of the curse, similar to having hot knives driven into the victim. This curse does not physically harm the victim.
  • Conjunctivitis - Causes irritation in the eyes, forcing them to swell shut.
  • Confringo - Produces a fiery explosion.
  • Calvorio - Removes the victim's hair.
  • Babbling curse - Causes uncontrollable babbling.
  • Avada kedavra - Causes instantaneous death.
  • Petrificus totalus - Used to temporarily bind the victim's body in a position much like that of a soldier at attention; the victim will usually fall to the ground.
  • Mimblewimble - Ties the target's tongue in a knot, preventing them from making coherent speech, or saying incantations correctly, making it useful in duels.
  • Locomotor mortis - Sticks legs together.
  • Locomotor wibbly - Causes the victim's legs to collapse as if they were turned to jelly.
  • Imperio - Places the victim completely under the caster's control.
  • Flagrante curse - Causes objects to burn on contact.
  • Fiendfyre - Unleashes cursed fire that takes the shape of animals that actively seek out living targets and burn anything in its path, including nearly indestructable substances such as horcruxes.
  • Slugulus eructo - Forces the victim to burp up slimy slugs.
  • Sectumsempra - Lacerates the target, as if they have been "slashed by a sword." Subsequently, the target can easily bleed to death from the wounds.
  • Reducto - Breaks objects. In stronger usages, disintegrates them.